“I chose Jackie because I liked her cheerful manner, professionalism and because she had ‘walked the walk’ with her own books. I was very pleased with Jackie’s efforts on my behalf. She proved a very valuable and insightful consultant. I plan to promote my book and expand my services in the years to come, exploring various venues, and am pleased that I will have Jackie at my side. Having done due diligence in the PR field and ‘vetted’ Jackie, I found her professional fees very fair. This is important because I talked to a few writers who felt they were taken advantage of or didn’t get their money’s worth. My experience is that Jackie works from the heart–she is a heart centered professional.”

–Don Mordasini, author, psychotherapist “Author Princes and Ogres”

“Jackie’s experience, energy and insights were extremely helpful as she helped me fine tune my brand!”

—G. Brian Benson, Award Winning Author of “Brian’s List 26 1/2 Easy To Use Ideas On How To Live A Fun, Balanced, Healthy Life!” and Advocate of Inspiration

“Jackie was a valuable strategic partner as I published and promoted The Labyrinth. She encouraged me to develop my platform beyond the book and guided me to craft my key messages of hope and truth, helping me leverage the value of James Ray’s trial while avoiding the sensationalism. Jackie’s broad perspective from her experience in media relations and as a published author provided a great framework for my marketing and promotion planning. She helped me anticipate tough questions and prepared me to respond to media inquiries and my first television interview. Be prepared and bring her all your questions…she has the answers!”

—Lori Lovens, Author of “The Labyrinth: A True Life Adventure Seeking Wisdom, Healing and Love